NO a los eólicos en las playas del día D

El 6 de junio de 1944

La mayor armada de todos los tiempos con 6939 navíos.

150. 000 combatientes de las fuerzas aliadas se coordinaban en las operaciones Neptuno y Overlord con el objetivo de desembarcar en las costas normandas y establecer una cabeza de puente. 

75 aerogeneradores de 180 m de altura, 
a 10 km de la costa, 

Basse-Normandie Environnement (BNE)
Fédération Environnement Durable (FED)
European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW)

On June 6, 1944
The largest Armada of all times encompassing 6939 warships, 150,000 enlisted allied forces was engaged in the Neptune and Overlord peace operations to invade the coast of Normandy and establish a spearhead point to facilitate beaching of the troupes.

It was at the center of a plan which eventually opened the road to Liberty, Arromanches, also known as Port Winston, became the gateway to the liberation of Democracy, European Hope and Peace. The artificial port remained functional from June to November 1944 and successfully contributed to the ally's endeavors.

Today, Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches have become memorials and a procedure has been introduced to have them recognized and included under UNESCO's World Patrimony.
Port Winston remains a classified site with its relics of the past and maritime cultural heritage.

Arromanches is under the spotlights more than ever.

The wind farm project as been approuved in front of the landing beaches.

The 75 turbines, 180 meters high, in a distance of 10 kms
from the coastlines will block the horizon from the beaches:

Gold: The English, 
Juno: The Canadian,
Sword: The Franco-British, 
Omaha and Utah: The American.

With no exception our organizations regard this as an invasion of sacred grounds where so many warriors gave their lives.

We are launching an appeal to the international community.

We are canvassing for signatures in an effort to strike off this project. Together we ask all to support our call to have these sites placed under UNESCO's World Patrimony so they may remain protected once and for all from any industrialization development.

Le 6 juin 1944

La plus grande Armada de tous les temps avec 6939 navires.
150 000 combattants des forces alliées s’engageaient dans les opérations Neptune et Overlord afin de débarquer sur les côtes normandes et d’établir une tête de pont.

75 éoliennes de 180 m de haut, 
distantes de 10 km des côtes, 
vont barrer l’horizon depuis les plages.

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